Create Project


Construction Project

Project manager can create construction project and manage project with different jor orders / Issues / Notes etc.

Create SubTask

Project manager can dividie main/big task into subtasks/sub job orders and assign to users.

Assign Project Manager

Assign projects to multiple project managers

Add Notes

This note feature is customizated to handle notes for specific Construction project. So project manager can make notes for different projects for his/her todo list and meetings.


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Configure Project Budget

Create your project budget .Select budgetary  position , assign start date/end date, add planned amount, practical amount etc.     


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Job Orders


Material Planning

This tab allow project manager / project user to plan material and products before starting job and they can request procuremnt / stock deparment for that.

Material Consumed

This will give idea material consumed during job order related to construction project.o


This allows you to compute total work hours on the project

Material Request

This tab will show all material request to outside vendor/subcontractor which we call Bill.

Stock Moves

Track your stock movement in the project


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 Material Requisitions 

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Print Reports